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Big Brute
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Trusted by thousands of business owners the world over to clean up more quickly, more easily and more safely.


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Agricultural Bird Scarer

The farmers' choice for agricultural crop protection since 1984.

Solar powered, reliable, effective and easy-to-use.


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Big Brute
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Do you want to clean up more quickly? Without stirring up dust into the air? And minimise your downtime when cleaning up? Did you ever think your staff would enjoy cleaning up?


Cleaning up is quicker

Less downtime while you clean up. Takes fewer people to clean up.

Cleaning up is safer

No more sweeping. No more clouds of dust in the air. Easy and safe to empty.


Watch Big Brutes in action cleaning up real muck in real businesses at the Big Brute website.



Spare parts and accessories available online for fast delivery.


Agricultural Bird Scarers

When the Bangalore first arrived in the early 1980s, it revolutionised agricultural crop protection.

Micro-controlled, reliable, wind and weather proof, easy to use and now solar powered for extra convenience.

The Bangalore remains the farmers' favourite for effective crop protection.


No more heavy batteries

The Bangalore's solar panel keeps the mini internal battery topped up all year round. Just add a bottle of gas and you're ready to go.

Reliable in all weathers

The Bangalore's been tried and tested in the worst of the British weather. In rain, wind, snow and gales, it'll keep on protecting your crops.


Buy Bangalore Bird Scarers and spare parts online. In stock and ready for quick dispatch.



Visit our Bangalore support centre for help and advice on setting up, programming, maintaining and upgrading your Bangalore bird scarer.


About us


Michael Williams Engineering Ltd was established in the midst of a recession by Michael Williams.


Bangalore Bird Scarer is born.


Big Brute is born.


John Williams, Michael's eldest son, joins the company. John remains the company's chief design engineer and is now the Managing Director.


Bangalore bird scarer wins the Award of Merit in the Silver Medal Machinery Awards of the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

We move premises from Wenden's Ambo to larger premises in Little Walden.


Laurie Cheetham becomes the official Big Brute distributor in Australia


Eric Vecten becomes the official Big Brute distributor in France


We move premises from Little Walden to larger premises in Fulbourn, Cambridge.


Tom Cullen becomes the official Big Brute distributor in the USA.


Neville Jackson becomes the official Big Brute distributor in Canada.


Big Brutes gain UL certification.


Our first two ABB Robots are installed in the production areas to help keep up with demand.


James Williams, Michael's youngest son, joins the company.


Seanna Ogle becomes the official Big Brute distributor in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The future...

We're working towards final UL approval for Big Brutes to ship to the USA and Canada.


We will continue to work towards ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.


We will work improve our service to our customers even further.


Peter Larsson becomes the official Big Brute distributor in Denmark.



Bangalore Broadside, the solar powered Bangalore is born.

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