Our Preparations

Michael Williams Engineering Ltd is COVID Secure. As such, we have taken all steps required to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors to our site. In particular we have:

  • Conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment after consultation with our staff
  • Arranged for all staff to work from home where possible
  • Have increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitisation of shared areas throughout the workplace
  • Have installed additional handwashing stations and hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the workplace.
  • Have ensured we have sufficient space throughout our buildings to ensure social distancing can be practised at all times.

Before your Visit

We can only receive visitors on our site with a prior appointment. Please make sure you have received an email confirming your appointment from us detailing the time and date of your visit.

Please also download and read our COVID-19 Secure statement and COVID-19 risk assessment:

Staying COVID-19 Secure – Michael Williams Engineering Ltd

Covid Secure Risk Assessment – Michael Williams Engineering Ltd

On Arrival

Michael Williams Engineering Ltd is on Queen’s Farm in Fulbourn, Cambridge. When you arrive on site, please follow the signs for our Visitor Reception. Enter the building through the visitor reception door.

Please sanitise your hands on arrival – there is a hand sanitiser dispenser on the wall on your right immediately as you enter the building.

Please ring the visitors bell for attention. A member of staff will arrive shortly to escort you.

Please use your own pen to sign the visitors’ book on arrival. Please provide the names and contact details of all people in your party. By signing the visitors’ book, you are confirming that you are free of COVID-19 symptoms, are not self-isolating, and agree to inform us in the 2 weeks after your visit if you, or any of the people in your party, subsequently develop symptoms.

Please do not proceed from the visitors reception unless escorted by a member of staff.

Michael Williams Engineering Ltd Site Entrance

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Visitor Reception

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During your Visit

We have large offices and buildings which naturally lend themselves to social distancing.

Our staff will be practising social distancing throughout your visit, so please understand that they will not be shaking hands or getting too close during your time on site.

Please ensure that you, and all the people in your party, practise social distancing whilst on our site at all times.

Our staff do not routinely wear face coverings on site as they practise social distancing at all times. However, you will be very welcome to wear a face covering yourself if you wish.

Your demonstration of our products will normally be undertaken outside unless the weather forces us to move this inside. Again, our buildings are very spacious and will still allow us to practise social distancing.

Any products being demonstrated to you will be sanitised thoroughly before and after your demonstration. You are also free to use any of the hand sanitiser stations around the buildings at any time.

If you require the toilets, please use the visitors toilets in the reception only. These will be labelled clearly. Please inform a member of staff and they will escort you to the reception. Please practise social distancing at all times when moving throughout our buildings and using the toilet facilities to protect our other staff.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide drinks to visitors at this time. You may wish to bring your own drinks and refreshments with you.

After your Visit

When your visit is complete, a member of staff will escort you back to the visitors reception. Handwashing facilities are available there for you to wash your hands before you leave.

Please sign out of the visitors book, using  your own pen. Please also use the hand sanitiser dispenser in reception before you leave.

If you, or any of your party, develop COVID-19 symptoms in the 2 weeks after your visit, please let us know. This is important for protecting our staff.